Your Next Chapter Starts Here

Christine Kloser

If you’ve ever felt like transformation isn’t happening fast enough – like you’ve been in a holding pattern too long – read on.  This is for you.

First, I want to remind you that the Universe is ALWAYS conspiring for your highest good, no matter what it looks like in the outside world.  And, second, it is CONSTANTLY sending you winks, nudges, signs, signals and two-by-fours (if needed) to move you on the path most desired by your soul. 

How do I know?   Because once again I was blessed to gather with a few dozen of my MasterHeart clients at a sacred, transformational and powerful retreat last week.  And while we were gathered, I both facilitated and witnessed deep patterns and fears being released with ease, grace…and laughter.  I saw people committed to their dream…willing to step into it in a BIGGER way than they dreamed possible.  Even though it meant letting go of the normal safety zone.

Old out-dated stories were dropped, new neural patterns were established, decades old habits were shifted for the good, and a “soul family” was reunited as these authors prepare to impact thousands of lives with June’s release of the Wave Four of my “Pebbles in the Pond” book series. 

Facilitating their transformation and witnessing the profound changes has left me awe-struck once again.   I truly hope I never lose my wonder of how quickly transformation can happen!   All it takes is a moment of courage, trust and taking a new step.  And doing that over and over again.  

The inspiration I received last week by pouring into, and receiving from, my amazing clients lead me to writing this new article for you today.   It offers three keys to fast-tracking your transformation.  Enjoy! 

Love and Blessings,

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