I have always been intrigued by this paradox: the world is incredibly vast and yet so many of us live as if it were small and constraining. I was tensioned by these opposites ever since I was a little girl. Maybe that is why I started searching very early on into various disciplines trying to discover what life is all about.

While learning many things, I developed an urge to share my discoveries with others. A major one turned to be another paradox, which allowed me to make better sense of a statement made by Socrates which I am sure all of us have heard: “I only know that I know nothing”. The more we learn, the more we know, the closer we are to experiencing the mystery of life. And, nevertheless, there is so much that we can design and develop and do to make more sense of our lives, enjoy it more and join others in the active pursuit of a better world!

That is how I came into coaching, when the discipline was just starting to be considered a profession, more than twenty years ago. I found out that coaching is meant to help people develop their greatest potential in any field of human action. And that was precisely what I wanted to do, in my areas of competence.

I have been blessed with the possibility of integrating my training in Engineering and Systems Analysis with Human Sciences, Music, Theater, Literature and, certainly, coaching. This has allowed me to become a keen observer of peoples and organizations, participating as a leader and manager in diverse organizations, and as a coach in many others. I have worked in personal transformative coaching, executive coaching and training of leaders and coaches. I have also held managerial positions in banking IT, technology development, diplomacy and education.

My training background

I am a Chemical Engineer at Universidad de Chile, (1974) and a Systems Analyst (1980). I am also a professional Gestalt Therapist (1988) and a Professional coach (The Newfield Group, USA, 1992). I studied three years of university studies in Psychology, and was trained in Dramatic Arts and Literature. I have also been trained in Music for more than 20 years and speak Spanish, English, French and Hebrew.

My professional coaching background in training

I was managing director and academic supervisor of the first international Coaching course in Spanish, ACP, provided by the Newfield Group, comprising 70 students from 7 countries,(1992-1993). I created and conducted the international course “Strengthening Personal and Organizational Coaching Skills” for professional coaches (1997-1998). In 2011, I designed and conducted the international course “Coaching Clinic” for professional coaches. I have also worked as a coach and leadership trainer for several universities in Chile and as a personal coach in private practice.

My professional background in the practice of coaching

In my private practice, I use my method Personal Coaching, which allows my client to reach his or her desired results through transformational learning.

As an Executive Coach, I worked for UNICEF in Colombia and Ecuador; for big public and private companies in Chile, such as Metro and Electroandina, and for the Ministries of Education, Health and Treasury in Chile.

Other professional activities in the private sector

I have worked as a consultant in organizational strategy and as project manager and systems analyst in the banking industry.

My professional background in the Public Sector

I have been Director of the Chilean R&D Center Intec- Chile (1995 -2000); Chilean Ambassador in Israel and dean of the Latin American ambassadors (2000-2006), and Director of Higher Education in the Ministry of Education, Chile, (2008-2010)

Finally, I have the pleasure of sharing some professional distinctions

I am an elected member of the National Academy of Engineering in Chile, and have received the following awards: PECC-APEC Innovation Award, Canada, 1999; Engineering Institute Award for life achievement, Chile, 2000; Santiago College School, Award for outstanding alumnae, 2004; and Universidad del Pacífico, Award for national and international professional contribution, 2008.