Sally Bendersky coached the team of Managers and Assistant Managers at my company, Electroandina, and she was also my coach during 2007. Thanks to her dedication, coaching skills and empathy I was able to make important shifts in my productivity and that of my collaborators and I also made huge improvements in my relationships within my own team, my peers and bosses. It is thanks to her and her methods that I learned to work in teams and managed to deliver unimaginable outcomes prior to my coaching sessions with her. Today I am much more flexible, respectful and I have become a good listener. I have learned to delegate and I am responsible for the improvement of the general mood that my team experienced. I have also been able to move from reacting to situations into proposing new methods and ideas.

I am truly grateful for what I have been able to learn from Sally. Working with her as a coach has been immensely transformative and rewarding.”

Arnoldo Valdés
Business and Development Assistant Manager
Electroandina S.A.
November 2008

“I have learned complex algorithms, advanced mathematics and lots of econometrics, but at one point in my life I was not able to decipher the reflections coming from the mirror. I saw distorted images which led me to deep sadness, anger and grief. One day I received, through my email, the name of a person who generously gave me a treasure. This person is Sally Bendersky, my coach. She gave me lenses that cleared my eyesight. I could see the world again in all its fullness, with its intensity and warm colors. The mirror showed me a person that I could recognize once again. I began to work (and still am at it) on understanding and getting rid of what is not good for me and at the same time I started driving my energy into my full potential. I can now say I am a 2.0 version. I am nurturing my second child, my family relationships have greatly improved and I found a wonderful job.

I wish there was a stronger word than THANKS to express my deep gratitude to Sally.”

Paula Sucre
Doctor© in Economic Analysis, Universidad de Valencia, España
November 2011

“I would like to share my deep gratitude for the opportunity of participating in Sally Bendersky’s Coaching Clinic Program, an advanced course for professional coaches. I am happy for having accepted the challenge and for persisting in travelling a road which was not always easy. I thank Sally from the bottom of my heart for the light she gave me. I always saw in her eyes a commitment to my growth. I thank her for creating a transformational space that is gracious, sweet and ambitious. I thank her for her presence and her support. I thank her for her love and passion. I thank her for being my mirror. Through one of my students, who wrote to me that I am her angel, I realized that I also received one in my life and maybe that is what turned me into my student’s angel. I thank Sally for being my angel. This chain of angels makes us all better people.”

Andrea Monaco
Development Manager
MEGATONE, Argentina
December 2011