A. Personal Coaching

You deserve to enjoy happiness; to develop a strong sense of purpose and meaning in your life; to commit with and concentrate in your projects; to have excellent relationships within your family, work and social environment at large; and also, to feel a sense of achievement.

A combination of all these states of mind and feelings is what the world renowned psychologist Martin Seligman, founder of Positive Psychology, has defined as


You deserve to live in a state of wellbeing. The question is: Are you there? Is your life a combination of satisfaction, meaning, flow, good relationships and achievement?

It can be

Whether you want to enhance your wellbeing or address specific issues that are making you feel stuck, or do not allow you to flourish or to live the life you want, I can help you explore what it is that you need to overcome and to learn in order to become the person you want to be and live the life you want.

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Personal Coaching consists in a number of conversations between us, which derive from our initial agreement on your desired outcomes. I will help you in the process of: clarifying your goals and strengths; developing awareness of beliefs, habits and behaviors you are no longer comfortable with; determining what it is you will learn and what are the actions you will take in order to reach your goals. I will also accompany you in the process of learning and change, giving you feedback and celebrating together when you accomplish your aims.

In my Home page you have seen the principles and values that guide my coaching conversations. They are rooted in a particular way of understanding ourselves, on the basis of observing how our bodily presence, our emotions, feelings and moods, and our very distinct human language, with its immense creative strength, are intertwined to define the person we are being and the actions we undertake. This powerful way of understanding ourselves has been given the name Ontology of Language. It will provide you with tools for deep understanding and it will allow you to find shortcuts in the path towards your goals.

Let’s explore the possibility of working together. If my method of Personal Coaching feels like it might be for you, then I invite you to take the next step.

B. Executive Coaching

You might require closing an existing gap between the present situation in your organization and the place you and your team need to be in order to fulfill your own goals and those set up by the organization as a whole.

Or else, you might not be satisfied with the level of achievement of your team, in spite of putting a great deal of your personal effort towards this aim. Or you might perceive new challenges but are not sure about which they are and how to cope with them. You might also feel the need to change the way you organize people and processes and, with that, bring forth renewed relationships with and among the people you work with.

Or, you might be already fulfilling your goals and now you desire to take the organization to a higher level of performance.

Are you being the leader your organization and your team needs?

Through Executive Coaching I can help you address and clarify the issues that will allow you and your team to enhance your strengths and learn the abilities you need in order to reach the levels of performance and well-being you desire in your organization. You will explore, discover, plan and take action. I will listen, encourage, share and help you and your team to turn your ideas into action.

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My Executive Coaching method allows you to co-design with me a tailored-made program in order to cover the aspects that you and your organization need to address in the areas of: management, leadership, teamwork and team building; strategic design; process design; organizational design and culture. We will offer you a coaching team with experienced coaches and also consultants in specific fields that will work with your team and will take your organization to a higher level of leadership and performance.

We will make an initial agreement on a program, desired outcomes and outcome indicators in a period of time. We can agree on personal coaching conversations with you and members of your team. We can also agree on our participation in group meetings in order to enhance the group’s strengths and also to learn some needed competencies.

While addressing the specific challenges you and your team are facing, we will also point out the relevance of looking at your organization as a network of conversations. We will show you how to excel in your conversational skills, through the discipline Ontology of Language, thus allowing you not only to reach the end results you are looking for in our contract, but also to learn how to master your conversations, which, as stated in my homepage, comprise 90 to 95% of your activities in the organization. In this way, you and your team will acquire the tools for leading the organization to the peak of its possibilities.

My Executive Coaching method concentrates in obtaining declared end results and also in providing the tools for designing processes, actions and attitudes towards learning for future leadership.

Let’s explore the possibility of working together. If my method of Executive Coaching feels like it might be for you, then I invite you to take the next step.

C.Training Courses and Lecturing in Coaching, Management and Leadership skills

Coaching Clinic

This is a seven months training program for professional coaches who want to enhance their coaching skills and expertise. It is highly personalized and encompasses a combination of: personal development; coaching skills; bodily and emotional awareness; project development; teamwork and reflective thinking on the coaching profession.

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Coaching Clinic Logistics

We meet three times in three-day workshops during the seven months’ duration of the course. In between, participants are presented with seven assignments that monitor the development of the proposed skills, by means of conversations with me or a member of my training team, and some written assignments. It is expected from the participants to form a team with other participant members on a topic of his or her interest, to produce and present an end result at the end of the course, and also to advance in the development of a personal project. The participants must lead at least 30 coaching conversations in the course of the duration of the program, which will be monitored by the training team. Each participant will hold three personal coaching conversations with me during the development of the course.

Coaching Clinic has been very successful. The next version will start on May 10, 2012, with a first workshop in the city of Córdoba, Argentina. The language is Spanish.

I am available to redesign the course in the English language and present a first version in 2012, provided a participation of at least 10 students.

If you are interested in:

  • learning more about Coaching Clinic, or
  • participating in the next version of Coaching Clinic in Spanish, which will take place between May 10, 2012 and December 10, 2012, or
  • discussing about an English version on Coaching Clinic to be delivered in 2012 or 2013

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Management and Leadership Skills

Management is not what it used to be. The challenges that our organizations face today can no longer be dealt with through the old paradigm of productivity, introduced by Taylor and Fayol, in which labor is divided only into movements and time, deliberately leaving aside its human aspect.

In order to succeed today, much more is demanded from organizations. The old paradigm is dead and a new one is in the making. Nevertheless, one thing is clear: Organizations that want to succeed must understand that people and human potential should be the basic pillars of their concerns and actions. Organizations need to adapt to uncertainty, they require creative and innovative employees, and they cannot miss the opportunity of using the experience and capabilities of each and every individual in the organization.

It is this, I think, what will make executive coaching, both internal and external to the organization, an essential requirement in the coming years.

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Lectures, workshops and courses on Coaching, Management and Leadership skills

I have been asked in Argentina and Chile to deliver lectures, workshops and several months’ courses in the blending of New Management, Leadership and Coaching. My proposal for New Management stems from the Ontology of Language and from observing the organization as a network of conversations.

I will be happy to introduce you to the vision of the challenges facing the organizations today and tomorrow. You will be able to identify what are the challenges of your sector in general and of your organization in particular. I will show you why learning conversational skills and observing the organizations as networks of conversations, plus introducing external and internal coaching in your organization will give you a competitive advantage.

If you think you need to have a deep understanding of the challenges facing your sector, what the world experts in Management and Leadership are discovering, how the narrative of the Ontology of Language and my method of Executive Coaching can help you in facing these challenges and differentiating you from your competitors, you can ask for a conference, seminar, workshop or course, which can be open to the public or closed to your organization.

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